Invisalign® is a patented proprietary system that uses 3D modeling software and cutting-edge manufacturing technology to provide a clear, removable solution for straightening teeth. Invisalign® is effective at treating a wide variety of orthodontic issues including:

  • Crowding
  • Spacing
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Deep bite
  • Open bite

Please see the following article on how straight teeth can impact your overall dental health: Oral Health begins with Straight Teeth

Invisalign® was designed with leading orthodontists and is FDA cleared.

Invisalign® has the experience of over 1,000,000 patients worldwide, and has a 96% of patient satisfaction rate.¹ And, 9 out of 10 patients would recommend Invisalign® to their friends and family.

In today’s busy and aesthetically-conscious world, many patients prefer Invisalign’s clear and removable orthodontic solution to traditional brackets and wires. There are a number of other
clear aligners out there, however none have the product experience, efficacy and customization
of Invisalign®.

Look for the Invisalign® brand on your aligner to insure you are receiving genuine Invisalign
system treatment.


Your Invisalign® treatment will consist of a series of aligners that you switch out about every two weeks. Each aligner is individually manufactured with exact calculations to gradually shift your
teeth into place. And since your Invisalign® system is custom-made for your teeth and your teeth
only, with a plan devised by you and your dentist or orthodontist, you know you'll end up with a smile that truly fits.

If you're ready for a smile that transforms your appearance, Invisalign® is your answer. Although there are many choices out there, no other works as effortlessly as the Invisalign® system.

Invisalign® is the best way to transform your smile without interfering with your day-to-day life.


If you have any questions or concerns about orthodontic treatment, please contact our office.