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Dental implant treatment offers patients a transformative way to rebuild their smile. If you are missing a single tooth, or multiple teeth, dental implants provide freedom and flexibility in restoring function and beauty. Sivley and Toogood, DDS, is your Abilene dental practice that provides implant placement and restoration. Our experienced dentists, Brian Toogood, DDS and W. Mark Sivley, DDS, FAGD, are passionate about giving patients the benefits of a full and healthy smile. 

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Why Dental Implants?

Gaps in the smile impact oral health over time, allowing for a crooked smile, improper bite, and decreased jaw strength to develop. The only way to restore lost structure is to replace teeth with dental implants and restorations. By placing implant posts, you can stop and reverse jaw bone loss, and with the appropriate restorations teeth spacing will remain intact.

If you already have dentures, a bridge, or other restorations, dental implants offer another way to replace teeth, but permanently. Implant-supported restorations do not fall out of the smile, and restore natural chewing and speaking. 

Your restoration options include: 
Dentures (permanent and removable)

Replacing your Lost Teeth in Abilene

The first stage of treatment involves placing implant posts into the jaw, a procedure that requires only local anesthetic. Implant posts are titanium prosthetics that are resilient to dental wear and tear. Your Abilene dentists place implants using surgical guides, which allow for precise and custom placement. After a few months, these posts fuse to the bone, providing integrated support just as a tooth root would. 
Then, we fashion custom restorations made to perfectly match the needs of your smile. Whether we’re replacing a single tooth or whole rows, your new teeth will fit your smile and provide comfortable dental function. Dental implants have a high success rate and are designed to last a lifetime. 

Comprehensive Dental Implant Treatment

Drs. Mark Sivley and Brian Toogood provide dental implant treatment from consultation to restoration. We will examine your jaw structure and make sure enough requisite bone exists to support implants. Some patients may not have enough, requiring bone grafting or other preparatory procedures, which we also provide. 

It is our mission to restore the integrity of your oral health and the beauty of a full smile. We understand the difficulties patients face when their smiles have gaps, which is why we offer implant treatment for those undergoing tooth extraction. 

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