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Restore Your Smile With Dental Implants in Abilene

Broken or missing teeth can significantly affect your overall dental health and self-confidence. Don't allow missing teeth to affect the quality of your smile and life when the dentists at Big Country Dental can help you. We proudly offer dental implants in Abilene designed to replace damaged or missing teeth so that you can enjoy a new and healthy smile. Our dentists have decades of combined experience in offering dental implants and restorations to patients across Abilene and beyond.

Our seasoned team has personally worked with thousands of dental implant patients. We employ a combination of artistic detail, scientific expertise, and innovative dental implant technology to achieve consistently refined results. If you are looking for the best that implant dentistry offers, Big Country Dental has the services to meet your needs. Call us today to schedule an appointment with our team.


What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are long-lasting and durable alternatives to other tooth replacement options. If you need to replace badly damaged or missing teeth, dental implants are an ideal option.

Dental implants are made of titanium and serve as an artificial root for your new teeth where dental crowns, bridges, or dentures are attached. Our dentists use precise x-rays and digital imaging with CBCT scans to accurately map out and plan your implant placement. The posts are inserted into the jawbone just below the gums. When custom restorations are fitted on the implant posts, they are anchored securely to the jaw, which gives them greater stability and functionality.

Our Dental Implant Services in Abilene

Based on your unique needs, we offer a variety of dental implant services. At Big Country Dental, our dentists will work with you to determine the procedure that suits you best. Some of the dental implant services we may discuss with you include:

Single Tooth Replacement: The procedure is ideal for patients that have lost a single tooth. An implant and crown can easily replace the space left by a missing tooth.

Multiple Teeth Replacement: In case a group of teeth in a row need replacement, our dentists will use implant-supported bridges to rebuild the smile.

Implant-Supported Dentures: In cases where a person has lost most or all of their teeth, implant-supported partial or full dentures can be used to replace them. Each denture is fully customized to fit your unique smile and preserve any remaining teeth wherever possible.

All-on-4® Dental Implants: All-on-4 is an effective way of replacing a full arch of missing teeth with as few implants as possible. Four strategically-placed implants help to distribute chewing pressure evenly, providing optimal health benefits with a more condensed treatment.

Bone Grafting: In some cases, a person may have bone loss in the jawbone that makes implant placement difficult. These weak sections can be filled with a bone substitute to help build up the ridge to improve the success rate of implants.

Extractions: Although we try to preserve your natural teeth as much as possible, it will sometimes be better for your overall health to remove a weak or decayed tooth to prevent infection or make room for a full denture. We can provide a gentle extraction and preserve the socket with a bone graft if needed to prepare it for implantation once your mouth has healed.

What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a durable solution that gives patients the feeling, function, and aesthetics of their natural teeth. Implants have many benefits that make them an optimal tooth replacement choice. Such benefits include:

  • Enhanced overall oral health
  • No damage or alterations to adjacent teeth
  • A restored bite structure
  • Prevention of teeth shifting into the gap left by missing teeth
  • Resolved difficulties in speech caused by missing teeth
  • Simple maintenance with no extra hygiene steps
  • No restrictions on the foods that you can bite or chew
  • A smile that will make you more confident
  • Renewed stability for the jaw and gum structures

Am I a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

Dental implants can help people missing one or multiple teeth. This versatile dental treatment can address various types of tooth loss. However, not every patient is a good candidate. Our team will evaluate your jawbone and overall oral health during your dental implant consultation to determine whether implants are ideal for you. If there are any issues, our friendly team will work to address them using advanced treatment options to help you qualify for implants.

Get Expert Dental Implant Services in Abilene

A dental implant is a long-lasting and reliable option for replacing damaged or lost teeth. Our dental implant services will restore the strength of your bite and boost the aesthetics of your smile. You can count on our team to find the solution that fits your goals and treat you with compassion and consideration at every step. Schedule an appointment with Big Country Dental today to learn more about how dental implants in Abilene can give you a new, healthy smile.


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